Key Commercial Interiors

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Construction client: from purchase, to rebuilding, to transition.

The situation:
The Key Commercial Interiors Ltd is in the commercial construction and project management business.

Having been in business for years, they’ve seen their share of ups and downs. They are solid operators who know what they’re doing.

What they needed

We were approached by the owner for assistance in buying the business. He had been involved in the business for years so knew the construction sector inside out and needed our help to make the business side happen.

Once he had the business up and running, it was monitoring the sales pipeline, making sure the jobs were profitable, and taking care of the taxes.

How we helped

Throughout the journey with this business, we’ve helped with the things you’d expect us to. The compliance accounting, tax returns, GST returns and anything IRD-related.

More importantly though, we’ve helped with the finance to buy the business. From the outset, we were involved in the forecasting and planning to get the bank onside and help buy the business.

Since then it’s been the forecasting to know they’re on track, understanding the financials behind expanding the business and acting as a sounding board for the decisions they’ve needed to make along the way.

Here’s what the owner has to say:

I’ve worked with Convex Accounting since purchasing the business.


Since then they’ve helped with everything from the small things like a GST return, right through to the big decisions like buying the business, buying property, hiring staff, expanding the business, and setting the overall direction of where we’re heading.

The difference is that while they are across the details on tax; they have more than one eye on the long-term future of the business.  Convex see these opportunities for us, by knowing me as a business owner, knowing my business, and having a conversation about the future from there.

Strong financials underpin the strength this company. We’re happy to have played a small role in their success.