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Professional Services: Self-employment to start-up, to fully fledged business

The situation:
Pete and Toni were both (successful) self-employed coaches who knew what they were doing and were constantly able to win new and interesting engagements.

They had a vision though – build a collective of equally talented coaches who share and learn from each other. Create a self-selecting team of agile advisors, coaches and trainers ready to support their customers move to a new way of working.

What they needed

The problem with any vision is the execution. The shift from being self-employed coaches to building a new business together is a big move.

They had the technical capability. They had the resources. They had the drive. They needed someone to show them how to join the dots and make it happen.

How we helped

From the outset, we helped with the design of the business and ensured that the financial model would work. As a start-up, we needed to ensure the business had the capital to get through and the ability to scale.

Pete and Toni know their business and their vision better than we do – we’re the sounding board, the sense check and (occasionally) the whip to make things happen. Our role is asking the question to shine a spotlight on what they haven’t seen.

Then it’s streamlining the processes. Pete and Toni are busy working with their team, with their customers, and working on the business. They don’t have time to process invoices, to reconcile Xero or to be across every minute detail. We handle some of it for them but have also designed a streamlined process to automate what we can.

Here’s what Toni had to say:

Convex has been instrumental in taking us from being individual coaches to having a team of people working with us to take our customers to the next level.


Their insights, range of services and ability to ask the hard questions has helped us grow as quickly as we have. We would have got there without Convex – just nowhere near as quickly or painlessly.


Working with Convex has short-circuited our growth, helping us to focus on what we do well and achieve more, quicker.

We can’t for a second take the credit for what Pete and Toni have achieved. They’ve done it themselves. Our role has been to guide them, shape their thinking and push them further than what they might have done on their own.

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Working with Convex has short-circuited our growth Toni Wilson