We develop specific & actionable plans to give you the time, control, or money you went into business to achieve.

Whether you’re starting out, scaling up or just hunkering down, we’ve been there and done that. This helps us guide you through a unique plan to achieve your success.


With an in-depth knowledge of accounting and a background in expert tax advice, we’ve got you sorted.

It’s more than just accounting and tax though – it’s about using the historical information to better inform future decisions. Accounts shouldn’t be prepared just for the tax man.

Our proactive approach to accounting and tax planning identifies opportunities to manage and defer tax liabilities, while leveraging our tech focus to prepare tax returns completely and efficiently.

We do all the accounting work you’d expect us to. We’ll get your Accounts done quickly, and not bog you down in jibberish. We’ll explain the important bits you need, in a way you’ll understand.

Don’t panic if your records are a mess, if you’ve got a few years to catch up on, or if you have an uncommon accounting system. We’ve seen it all before.

On the tax front, we’re all happy to pay our fair share of tax – we just don’t want to pay more than we need to under law. Our role is to help you understand what you need to pay, and nothing more. Put another way, we’ll help minimise your tax within your appetite for risk.

We handle all aspects of tax, from trading businesses, trusts, rentals, sole traders, contractors and international businesses. FBT, GST, PAYE, RWT, RLT and every other acronym they throw at you.

Every business can benefit from the insights of a Virtual CFO. This means we’re over your finances weekly (or daily in some cases) to help you spot opportunities, mitigate risks and best practice processes.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to get the financial data you need in real-time. You’ll sleep-easy knowing that it’s had our robust quality-control applied to it, and that you’re making your decisions off sound data.

If you’re after some short-term grunt to build your finances then we’ve got you covered. Consultancy provided by our senior, experienced, staff can work out the financial modelling on any decision.

This could see us working with you to expand into a new product offering, opening a new location, taking a loan or improving the performance of your business.

Whatever it is, we’ll make sure that the financial plan your driving your business to is as sound as the business plan you’re looking to execute.

If you’re in a pickle with the IRD, be it a tax audit or tax debt, then we’re your go-to. We’ve seen it all before (so no judgement) and we’ll be able to find a way forward.

For tax debt, our process is to calculate the total debt outstanding, work out what the ‘good’ (or less bad) outcome for you is, identify your real personal and business financial position, then negotiate strongly with the IRD.

For tax audits it’s all a game of tactics. What do you want the IRD to see, what would you prefer they didn’t see, and then take it from there. Again, it’s about understanding your ‘least bad’ outcome. For what it’s worth we’re experts in tax audits – other accountants often subcontract their difficult audits to us.

If you’ve got anything offshore then the taxman is waiting.

Foreign pensions, investment portfolios and property all have tax-traps lurking in them. Throw those tax-traps in with exemptions in certain situations and you’ve got a good opportunity to plan to mitigate your tax exposure.


We’ve grown a businesses ourselves so know what it takes. Most businesses go through the same journey – startup, right the way through to exit. We call it the Business Growth Curve.

Ultimately it’s about building a business that gives you the time, control and money that you went into business to get.

We begin by understanding your current position, and working out where you want to head. From there we identify the gaps between your goals and reality, and work with you to craft a plan to bridge the gap.

Every business has things which have made them successful to date. At the same time, we’ve all got things which are holding us back from reaching that next level.

Our program is geared to hold tight to the things which have made you successful, while working through a flexible curriculum to build the skills you need to reach the next level of business.

We do this through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, plus small group workshops to expose you to the concepts you need to know as a business owner.

We’ll help you come up with a specific and actionable plan for your business. When combined with accountability to that plan, businesses hit their targets quickly – rather than just drifting towards them gradually over time.

The best accountability comes through strong governance. We’re driving both formal and advisory boards for customers to make sure their business strategy.

We’re well aware of the pitfalls of these boards (they can be an echo chamber achieving nothing at times), so we’ll make sure you get what you need from your board.

Crafting a plan to hit your financial goals is the key to generating real wealth. It’s about understanding the basics of finance (opportunity cost, compound interest and more), alongside viability of your spending and direction.

This isn’t budgeting – just accountability to a plan. We’ll guide you to create a plan for your financial future, agree what you need to spend money on (spending isn’t bad, it just needs a plan), and then hold you accountable to it.

The plan could involve selling or buying property, looking at mortgage structures or buying shares. It’s up to you – the key thing is to have a plan and to stick to it. That’s where we come in.

Most people want to build a rental portfolio. Many don’t though – they get bogged in the detail of where to buy, what to buy, yields, capital growth and how to manage tenants.

Our Property Reviews cut through the noise to show you what your property portfolio could look like in the coming years. In short, we’ll push you to do something, rather than constantly evaluating but never doing.

Whether you’re ready to buy or sell a business, the process can often be difficult at the best of times.

If you’re about to embark on the business purchase process, our Business Purchase Program is designed to help you avoid buying a dud. Once you’ve bought it we coach you through becoming a successful business owner.

If you’re looking to sell your business, our Exit Planning Program is designed to help you identify who to sell to, when to sell, and to help you manage your new-found cash and freedom.


Technology, Xero and its Add Ons can revolutionise your business. It can also be overwhelming and confusing.

We’ve been there and done that, so can guide you through the process of selecting the best product, planning its setup, and teaching your team. Ultimately this tech can power your business, and give quicker insights or data on the real trends in your business.

We’ve got our heads around everything ‘cloud’, from accounting to marketing, CRM, process automation and more.

We’ve used Xero since we were formed back in 2011. This means we know the ins and outs, the limitations, and how to get the most from it.

Getting the most from Xero starts with solid training. From there it’s about gradually introducing the advanced features one-by-one to streamline your business, and turn you into a Xero Superuser.

This might involve quoting, inventory, reporting, purchase orders, document management, tracking codes, mobile and on the spot invoicing.

That said, if Xero isn’t for you then we could still be the Chartered Accountant for you. We know there are some situations where another product (like MoneyWorks or MYOB Advanced) is appropriate – we’re still happy to work with you and guide you in the right direction.

Xero’s world of Add Ons can supercharge your business. They streamline your operations, give access to cleaner data, and help you make more informed decisions quicker.

Things like ReceiptBank make dealing with the paperwork quicker. DebtorDaddy improves your cashflow by collecting cash quicker. SimPro, Tradify or Fergus can manage almost every aspect of your business. Hospitality can be driven by Flexitime, Vend, PossBoss or WizBang.

Whatever your industry, there are Xero Add Ons to drive your business.

We’ve grown our business through clever marketing. This is more than Facebook ads or Google campaigns.

It’s a predefined sales funnel where you’re qualifying leads, positioning your product, and converting sales.

We coach our customers on the sales funnels we’ve built to help them close more deals and increase their sales.

Once you’ve closed a sale and won a new customer, keeping them engaged and buying from you is the next step. A clever CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, which integrates to your Xero account is the beginning.

Combining Xero with your CRM can give an insight into who buys most, who has stopped buying and which products move quickest. Applying that data with your product margins can supercharge your sales.

We’re experts in setting up CRM systems, and exploiting the data from them to build your business.

Finding customers is great, but you need to serve them efficiently. This is where process automation comes in.

Your margin and profits will increase if you’re able to (a) define how your business operates, and then (b) introduce technology to streamline or automate your processes.

We’re talking about tech like Infusionsoft, ProcessStreet, Mailchimp Automation, Zapier, Hootsuite and more. We use a lot of this tech in our own business and have saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. We can guide you through the same journey.


The team at Convex Accounting are just outstanding. Not only are they going to make sure your tax is correct, their business expertise make them one of my trusted advisers on more than just tax.- Andy Barker, Cloud Edge
I was introduced to Convex Accounting in an 'hour of need', requiring some very rapid accounting work done. The response was incredible, the work impeccable and I finally feel like I have an accounting 'partner' rather than a service provider compelling me to pay them money for paperwork.- Asa Cox, Intela AI
I coach accountants from all over NZ and have done for the past 17 years; few have the insight, drive and professional curiosity to maintain their relevancy in a world dominated by rapid change and market disruption. Convex Accounting have these qualities in abundance which is why they're so good at what they do.- Mike Barnes, Business Coach
The team at Convex Accounting are super knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with. We deal with many Accountants in our business and find Convex exceptional to deal with. They are really interested in you and your business and you are not just a number.- Sue Inkersell, 3rd Arm Administration
I love working with Convex Accounting—it's refreshing to have an accounting firm that sees more than just the compliance stuff—in today's environment information and insight is of equal importance. Since working with Convex we've been able to make better business decisions knowing we're on the right path.- John Roche, Alpha Technology
We've been using Convex for the past seven years. The Annual Financials and day-to-day happen smoothly in the background, and give us exceptional value from the additional metrics and insight into our planning. We'd happily recommend Convex to any business.- Hamish Wakefield, HWA Architecture


No matter the question, we offer unlimited support for all clients through every stage of their business—we’re always one call or coffee away.


No matter what stage your business is in, we’ll work closely with you and your advisors to craft and guide you through a detailed plan for success.


We’ll work within your budget to develop upfront, customisable pricing options that you’ll sign off on before we get to work.


We’re obsessed with making business easier. We’ll train you on tech (like Xero and it’s Add Ons) to streamline your business operations.

We’re ready to get you to the next level. Are you?

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