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Transition your business, engaging your team

Download our fact sheet to learn how to exit, or transition out of your business

Many business owners have solid businesses however they don’t have control over how they exit, or transition out of their business. Most fail to transition out of their business for one of three reasons. They’re either unprofitable, too reliant on the owner, or have staff who (frankly) don’t care.

An Employee Share Schemes sees your employees incentivized to drive profit beyond the maximum profit you could achieve today. They receive a share of the excess profit which they then use to buy shares in your business. This gives them future dividends, and a pathway to increase their shareholding. At the same time, it gives you increased profits and a pathway to transition your business.

With proper design an ESS will drive up the volume of your business, and unlock cash for you. This creates engagement and opportunity for your team, while creating an opportunity for you to transition from your business.

For more information and options on transitioning from your business, and engaging your team, contact us for an initial consultation.

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