Structuring Rental Property | Property Investment Accounting

Do you have your rental property structured correctly?

Tax rule changes are sometimes hard to keep up with. While everyone is happy to pay their fair share of tax. It’s about finding the balance between what’s fair and what you would pay without advice. Brightline rules, loss-ringfencing and other tax rules are changing the playing field.

Checking in with a tax professional on how you’re impacted can keep you ahead of the game. Find out how these tax rule changes affect you. 


Ownership | Property Investment Accounting
Your ownership structure
Convex Accounting | Rental Property Structuring
The name your lending is in
Tax Position | Tax Consultants In Wellington
The short and long term tax position for your portfolio
Legal Entities | Rental Property Structuring
The legal entities you should be using (Trusts, Companies and LTCs)
Apportioning | Property Structuring Consultation
Apportioning your lending across your assets


If a Property Structuring Consultation is something you would like to discuss further, then book an appointment here to come in and work through your situation.

Tax rule changes in regard to rental property change constantly and how long you’ve owned the property can impact what your obligations are.

Seeking the advice of a tax professional EARLY, means we can come up with a strategy to minimise your tax obligations and maximise the return on your investment.

You can also read more on the IRD website.


Our initial Property Structuring Consultation costs $250 + GST (which is tax deductible).

From there we will discuss the changes to tax laws and how they will impact your portfolio.

For more complex structuring, we’ll be able to provide a quote after our initial Property Structuring Consultation.