Ep 1: Haere mai

12 February 2021

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Welcome to Convex Korero

Ep 1: Introduction

Welcome to Convex Kōrero - the new podcast from Convex Accounting. In this episode we're giving a quick introduction to the podcast, what we're covering and what you can expect to hear over coming episodes.


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Episode Transcript

Riann Umaga-Marshall:  Kia ora koutou, I’m Riann Umaga-Marshall.

Hamish Mexted: And I’m Hamish Mexted.

Riann Umaga-Marshall: And welcome to Business Made Easy. In today’s episode, we just want to give you a brief run through of what we plan to cover over the coming weeks, what you can expect, and who you will hear from.

Hamish Mexted:  Often, as chartered accountants we see businesses going through exactly the same journey, time and time again. So a business will start out as a really good idea before the owner of the business works out that, being a business


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