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We know that Māori business can create positive impact for Māori whānau. We also know that what is good for Māori is good for Aotearoa as a whole.

We work with Māori owned businesses, Trusts, PSGEs and whānau in a collaborative and culturally sensitive way to solve problems, strategize, grow and take care of their compliance. 

We believe working with Māori business takes a different approach.

Rangatiratanga: Believing in Māori Leadership, skills and attributes and working collaboratively with these leaders to build commercial success.

Manaakitanga: Care for our people, resources and businesses through operating in holistic approach with more then profit as a bottom-line."

Convex understand people, and have a long term view of business and relationships.


They've helped us streamline our reporting, gain clarity in direction and are great to work with.

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