Getting the most from Xero: Part III

5 January 2019

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So far in our Xero mini-series, we have covered how to unleash the knowledge your data contains, as well as the benefit of using Xero apps and which ones we love

In Part III, we'll continue to focus on Xero apps — specifically, how to choose the right ones for your business.

How to decide which Xero apps are best for you

Just because we (or someone else you know) uses a particular App, then you shouldn't necessarily use it. What works perfectly for one business can be a nightmare for another business — even if they're in the same industry as you.

For us, it comes down entirely to your business profile.


What your business is trying to achieve over the short and long-term? Do you want to increase efficiency, grow their business, or do both?

Pain points

Are you looking to address a specific problem within their business? For example, tracking project time, increasing margin or managing customers?

Financial Health

Assess the financial health of your business. Are you able to carry the cost of installation, and (most importantly) the time commitment to get it off the ground?

Number of employees

How many employees do you have? Are you looking to grow employee numbers, downsize or stay the same?

Job & sales types

Do you undertake mainly smaller high-frequency jobs/sales, or larger project-based jobs/sales that take longer to complete?

Current tools

What systems and processes do you currently have? How can they by optimised, connected or replaced?

Technological proficiency

How experienced are you and your team with technology? Can you manage a steeper learning curve, or would you prefer slow and steady change?

With this understanding, a recommendation for the best selection of apps can be made for you and your business.

These depend on if you're growth or efficiency orientated. Whether managing customers or staff is your issue. Whether profit or cashflow is keeping you awake at night. 

Which Xero apps are best for your business?

As a starting point, here are some Xero apps for different issues and industries as identified by Xero. Note — we don't necessarily recommend all these apps. It's Xero's list, but it's a good starting point.

Xero apps by function

From managing jobs to paying staff on-time, find apps based on your particular need:




Time Tracking

Invoicing + Jobs


Payroll + HR

Point of Sale


Bills + Expenses

Debtor tracking

Xero apps by business type

Find apps based on your particular industry, sorted by what's most often used by other businesses.




Professional Services

Construction & Trades


Property & Realty



If you'd like to catch up and discuss any of the options for your business then please get in touch — we'd be happy to help.


for more help feel free to reach out. Get in touch with Riann Umaga-Marshall