Xero Beautiful Business Fund

12 September 2023

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Xero has just launched a new fund to support small businesses like yours. It’s called the Xero Beautiful Business Fund, and it’s all about helping you create a better future for yourself and your business.

What’s the deal?
Xero is giving away more than NZ$750,000 in cash and prizes to small businesses who use Xero across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US. Awesome, right?

How can you apply?
It’s easy. Just pick one or more of the four categories that suit your business goals and vision. They are:

  1. Innovating for sustainability: How are you making your business more eco-friendly and reducing your environmental impact?
  2. Strengthening community connection: How are you giving back to your local community and making a positive difference? Trailblazing
  3. Trailblazing with technology: How are you using technology to innovate and stay ahead of the game?
  4. Upskilling for the future: How are you preparing yourself and your team for the future of work and learning new skills?

For each category, you need to make a 90-second video pitch and fill out a short online form here. Don’t be shy, show them what you’ve got!

Don’t forget to mention us If you decide to apply, please let Xero know that we referred you. Just select yes on the application form and enter our firm name and your main contact person. We’d love to see you succeed!

Tell your friends
Do you know any other Xero customers who could benefit from this fund? Share the love and spread the word. 

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