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8 September 2020

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Payroll. A word that sends shudders up the spine of many. Not only can it keep a business owner awake, the cost of getting it wrong can be huge.

New Zealand’s employment laws are fraught with difficulty. Schools get it wrong. Government departments get it wrong. Large corporates get it wrong. Thankfully, PayHero comes to the rescue for small and medium sized businesses.

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Why PayHero

There’s a lot of payroll software out there. A lot of them, frankly, are rubbish. For most, the day-to-day payroll is right, but the devil lurking in the detail (think annual leave) can create headaches.

PayHero gets the detail right, at the same time as being exceptionally easy to use. In short, it’s second to none. We’re usually reluctant to endorse payroll software, simply because the cost of getting it wrong is huge. PayHero is an easy choice for many businesses.

The Features

As you’d expect with any cloud software, PayHero fully integrates with Xero. It will even help you track your wage cost across both expense and tracking codes. The richness of data from the integration can help you spot overstaffing, improve efficiencies in your business, and reward the high performers.

Then there’s AutoPilot. Think about it as automated payroll reminders, drafted payrolls; leaving you simply to click and approve. When coupled with their integration with your internet banking the whole process becomes (close to) automated.


This is before we’ve got to expense claims and reimbursements, leave requests, rosters, team management, the employee app and more. PayHero will take care of that too.

It goes without saying, but it also does the basics you’d expect it to – calculate payroll properly, manage payday filing and take care of the holiday pay entitlements. This can’t be said for all payroll software!

Find Out More?

As Chartered Accountants, there’s nothing we like more than setups done properly, integrations working and everyone’s life made easier. PayHero is definitely our suggestion when it comes to payroll.

To find out more, get in touch with us. Otherwise, checkout their  Team ManagerPayNow and Payroll AutoPilot features.

(P.S. Did we mention that their support is first class – responsive, NZ based and give the right answers first time).

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