Xero Addon: MailChimp

25 August 2020

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In this blog we're covering:

- The new integration between Xero and MailChimp
- Getting the most out of Hubdoc (which is free!)
- How a plumber fixed their business with Xero
- Getting the info on your business at a glance
- Our recent webinar series covering all you need to know on Xero 

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Communication with your customers just got a whole lot easier
Xero’s new integration with MailChimp is here. If you’ve ever wanted a clean list of consistent customer email addresses to market to then this might just be the answer.
In short, take control of your customer messaging to reach out to a specific customer at exactly the right time.

Why you’d bother

Once setup, specific email campaigns can be sent to specific customers.
So, if you’ve got a customer with an overdue invoice, then target them with personalised follow up emails so they pay your invoice.

Other Xero Updates: 

Getting the most from Hubdoc
If you haven’t checked out HubDoc – make sure you do.
It’s a free addon to your Xero business subscription and gets rid of those pesky receipts floating around in your wallet.

In short, you take a photo (or PDF) of any bill or receipt. Then forward it to Hubdoc. Hubdoc then automatically reads it and pushes the info into your Xero account.

You can then throw out the paperwork and forget about manual data entry.

For more info, checkout our dedicated Hubdoc info page here.

Your cashflow and a snapshot of your business
Xero’s rolled out two new reports – the Short Term Cashflow Forecast, and the Business Snapshot report.

Both are in pilot, so there’s the old gremlin lurking in them, however they give you instant access 

Business Snapshot 
This gives you a high-level visual dashboard of some key financial metrics – this gives you an insight into how business is going.

Here’s the thing though. The metrics you’re seeing aren’t tailored to your business, potentially creating a blind spot in other areas. So, use it cautiously and don’t follow it blindly.

For more information, click here or checkout the video below. 


Short Term Cashflow Forecast
The new projects your bank balance 30 days into the future, showing you the impact of existing bills and invoices if they’re paid on time. This will help you work out which invoices you should follow up and see how your cash flow will change if you pay a bill this week versus next week.

The new report doesn’t provide long term forecasting, nor help you do any scenario planning. So, for example, it’s not going to show you what a downturn in sales might do to your cashflow. But, it is going to give a glimpse into what your bank balance could do in the short term.

For more info click here.

Getting access
For access, you need to be on a Xero Business subscription. Then, click on the Business menu at the top and they’ll be there waiting for you.

But, as always, be warned!
It’s always a case of garbage-in-garbage-out. Real time data on your business relies on your having accurate bookkeeping – just clicking “ok” on your reconciliations isn’t enough. 

To find out if your Xero is in shape, and whether your real time reporting is going to be accurate, then checkout our Xero Health Check here.




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