Small business tips from Xero

15 July 2019

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One thing that sets Xero apart from others is the wealth of free resources they make available to you. While some companies are content to sell, Xero prefers to sell AND tell. They want to help you derive maximum benefit from their online accounting software, and just do better business in general. Xero’s Small Business Guides are good examples of that.

Click on and you’ll enter a page that Xero describes as “Tips, tricks and accounting essentials for business success”. These guides pack a powerful punch of advice and knowledge that can help you in all aspects of your business life.

Even if you’ve been doing what you do for a while, it’s always good to seek out new ideas and advice. Xero oblige in this respect, with guides ranging from hiring staff, invoicing, financing, inventory, growing a business and so much more. New subjects are posted “hot off the press” on a regular basis, and recently they’ve included articles on depreciation, bank reconciliations, loans for startups, and cash versus accrual accounting.

We encourage you to check out Xero’s Small Business Guides. Just like the free resources we offer on our website, they’re another perspective on the business issues that affect you. A little advice can be a big help for any small business.


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