Revamp Your Business Strategy: Ditch the Old Plan, Embrace a Dynamic Blueprint

9 November 2023

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 We all know the drill with old-school business plans – they're like those long emails from the bank that nobody reads. You're supposed to have this massive document that covers everything from A to Z, but let's be real: it just ends up collecting digital dust on your hard drive.

It needs to be done differently. Here’s part of our approach:

Identify Your Game Plan?

Forget the novel-writing; we're all about getting to the heart of why we hustle every day. For us at Convex, it's not about crunching numbers or just making a buck. We're here to share knowledge and help our clients build their businesses, which, in turn, helps everyone around them. This is the kind of stuff we jot down – takes a couple of hours, tops.

What's on Our To-Do List?

With our big "why" in mind, we sketch out what we want to nail over the next five years. Let's say our theme for the year is "levelling up" our game so we can handle more clients without dropping the ball. That's our north star, guiding the specific things we're going to tackle.

Are We Staying True to Our Plan?

Stuff always looks good on paper, right? But the real magic happens when you stick to it. We keep ourselves in check with regular look-backs and tune-ups. We'll chat with mentors, huddle with the team, and every three months, we do a reality check to see if we're still on track or need to switch gears.

Keeping Each Other on Our Toes

It's key to have someone in your corner who's not afraid to call you out and keep you pushing forward. And no, your partner or your friend probably isn't the best pick for this – think more like a mentor who gets the grind of growing a business.

So, What's the Bottom Line?

Ditch the encyclopaedia-style business plan. Figure out your why, set a vibe for the year, break it down into real stuff you can do, and then talk about it – a lot. And hey, if you hit a wall or need someone to give you that nudge, just shout. We can help you sort out your game plan.

What's your next play going to be?

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