Tips for an even quicker Xero experience

21 May 2019

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How do you make Xero even better? By making it even quicker to get around. The faster your bookkeeping is over and done with the quicker you can get back to proper work.

In this article, we’re running you through some of our favourite tips to save you time in Xero.

Speed up your login

For a quick Xero login, change where you login – instead of using, save your login bookmark as EMAIL. So, for example

This will save you having to enter your username each time you login.

BONUS: If you don’t want to enter your password, checkout Lastpass.

View multiple pages at once

By using tabs, you can view multiple pages in your Xero account at the same time.

To open a link in a new tab on a PC, right-click on a link and select Open a new Tab. To open a link in a new tab on a Mac, hold down the Command key and click on the link.

Do not use tabs to view multiple Xero organisations. To do that, check out the following tip.

View different organisations on different tabs

Sometimes you’ll want to view multiple Xero tabs at the same time. The best, and safest, way to do that is to open each organisation in a different browser. e.g. log in to your first organisation in Chrome and your second organisation in Firefox.

It’s important to note, that if you don’t use separate browsers, you run the risk of saving your changes in the wrong organisation. By using different browsers, you can be sure that each organisation has its own separate data session.

How to “favourite” a report

Some reports are used more than others, and Xero makes it simple to “favourite” a report for quick and ongoing access. By doing this on the All Reports screen, you can easily access it from the main Accounting menu or the Reports screen.

In the Accounting menu, select Reports. Click More reports to expand a section if the required report is hidden. After you favourite it, you won't have to expand the section to access this report; just click the empty star next to the report you want to add to the Accounting menu. When that report falls from favour and you want to remove it from the Accounting menu, just click the filled-in star next to it.

Copy invoices or bills

To copy from one bill or invoice to another, Xero has the ability to copy to a new bill or invoice. Simply click on the Bill Options or Invoice Options and you’re away.

Customise a report layout

You can change the default layout of some reports – in short, get them to print out exactly as you want them to printout. This gets a little complicated, so click here or here to view more.

Xero desktop shortcut for easier logins

By adding a browser icon to your desktop, you can make the login process even easier. Go to the Xero login page in your browser and drag the Xero icon in the URL or web address bar out onto your desktop. Now you can click on the icon on your desktop to go directly to the Xero login page instead of opening your browser and typing or using a bookmark you may have saved.

Quick search for contacts when entering transactions

For a fuss-free way to find what you’re looking for, use Xero's advanced contact search when you're entering transactions. Enter a minimum of three key letters of your contact's name. For example, to find one of your taxi contacts, enter 'taxi' and all your contacts containing taxi in their name appear. You can also search for the primary contact person for your contact's organisation.

An easy way to manage repeating invoices

There are bills you have to pay on a regular basis. On a brighter note, there are also regular bills that a client has to pay to you. Regulating all this regularity is quite easy when you use Xero's repeating invoices or bills. Set up a template and Xero will automatically create an invoice or bill for you according to the frequency you specify and drop it on the Draft tab (if you need to vary the amount or something else each time) or the Awaiting Payment tab (if the it is the same every time).

For more ways to streamline your Xero experience, click on this link:

Or get in touch with us and we can advise on how to use Xero in a way that best meets your individual requirements. Together, we’ll make the world’s best accounting software work even better for you.  


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