Goals, Self Sabotage, Procrastination and Failure

18 January 2021

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Here we all go, diving into the exciting (but freaking scary) challenges a New Year brings.

We've all spent time reflecting on the year that has been and set our intentions, goals, resolutions for the year ahead. Friends, families and colleagues posting on their socials and we are all amped and cheering each other on. Why then is it all too common for this steam to dwindle away, our gusto to diminish and our energy for these lofty goals wane. Now, it's not the only reason but one that I'm aware has caused me in the past to drop goals - fear of failure.

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First up for us this year, relocating our whānau to Rangiwaea, Tauranga. As excited as we are about the move for our whānau I am also quietly freaking out at the possibility of failure. Failing to build our business Convex Accounting fast enough, failing to deliver on the goals I set out to achieve, failing to shine. For the past 11 months since we decided to make the move it’s been about making decisions to get us there all with the intention that business will come in and life beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, we've put in the ground work to back up our business expansion into a new city but it’s all still a bit anxiety creating. What if “I” fail?

Suppose it is a bit of a backward way to think about the exciting opportunities that a New Year brings but it is the reality of setting yourself goals and aspiring to achieve more. This comes with the pressure of your own expectations and how this pressure can also cause you to jeopardise your own success. In my own experience, this is where procrastination comes into play. Putting off tasks, pieces of work, phone calls, emails because it’s easier to not do the task and avoid the disappointment of failure then it is to stick your neck out and do something that might be wrong. Oooh, starting to sound a little negative on myself here.

What I’m trying to get at above is, under the excitement of what’s in front of us – the new city, the return to our papakainga, new business ventures and all of this, there are challenges to overcome. Mostly mental, but real nonetheless. Beating ones own self-sabotaging mind games is a big part of the journey to achieving goals. Watch this space for more on my attempt to overcome my own self sabotaging, procrastinating, anxiety increasing habits to achieve my idea of success.

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