Watch how to create custom report layouts with Xero

17 June 2019

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Take it from us. There’s nothing worth watching on television tonight. So, why not watch an entertaining video about creating custom report layouts instead? Don’t laugh. It IS entertaining. We would say that. We’re accountants. 

The two and a half minutes you spend watching this video will be time well spent. It will show you the “how to” of creating custom report layouts with Xero. As you’d expect from Xero, it’s relatively easy to do. A few clicks, and it’s done.

You’ll learn how to customise the layout of your profit and loss, balance sheet, budget variance and tracking summary reports from within Xero accounting software. It’s obviously a handy skill to know as you can save a report layout as a custom report so you can reuse it later.  

The upshot is you can share the customised report with other users right across your organisation. Everyone will see the same information. There are no excuses for not being on the same page. And you can customise your report so only the accounts most relevant to a select group of users are highlighted.   

The custom settings you can save include:

  • Changes to columns (reordering, sorting, adding or removing)
  • Groups of accounts you've created or moved
  • Formulas you've added or edited
  • A new name for the report (internal or external)

By customising a report, you’re only changing how the layout is displayed. There’ll be no changes to any of the underlying data itself. You’re just streamlining the report to best display the data and information that most affects you and selected users.

But enough from us. We don’t want to spoil your viewing entertainment by giving too much away. So, with that in mind, we highly recommend you check out this video:

If you find it as entertaining as we did, you might want to watch it again. That will certainly help you remember some of the key details. Of course, like the finale of Game of Thrones, the video might leave you with a few questions to be answered. We’ll happily provide the answers about this, or any other Xero-related questions you may have. In the meantime, happy viewing, and pass the popcorn! 


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