Connection and Engagement During Lockdown

26 August 2021

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Connection is the hardest thing in lockdown.

As a new member at Convex, the thought of going back into lockdown felt quite lonely – luckily it has been the complete opposite! Interaction with the team feels the same (even though its through a screen) and that’s all down to our values; we want to look out for each other especially in these times.

The amount of support and understanding from the team has been unreal – we are encouraged to be honest and be ourselves which allows us to be totally comfortable with each other. “Work” isn’t the most important thing, it’s making sure that we are all okay and being looked after.

Throughout the day we do little things to keep in touch with each other that helps to keep some structure to the day but also keeps us connected as a team.

Every morning around 8:30am-ish, we start with a check in. Everyone jumps on a video chat, some in their pyjamas, some in funny hats, just so we can see how everyone is doing. It’s a nice reminder that the team is still together even though we aren’t in the office.

The morning check in ends with a task of some sort, whether it be a fun challenge that we need to complete by the end of the day, a team game (a paper, scissors, rock tournament may or may not have taken place), or a one-on-one with someone. It’s a nice way to start the day.

During the day people have the option to participate in daily workouts led by Tu and the daily Stuff quizzes. Everyone who joins these activities leaves with a smile on their face (apart from Hamish leaving the quizzes because his team never wins haha). It’s little things like this that keep us connected and feel like we are a team.

To end the day, we all come together for another check in. We see how people are doing, make sure we’ve all had at least one glass of water, share a bit of a laugh and recap the day. Being in a supportive working environment has been incredibly helpful during this lockdown and I feel like when we go back to the office, we will feel more connected and be able to get back to what we do best.