Episode 13: Katherine Mexted on Prioritising Your Time and Life

21 September 2021

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Episode 13: Katherine Mexted

Katherine Mexted took some time out to chat with us about how to prioritise your time while juggling running a business, raising a family, having her own time, and dealing with Hamish!

Yup thats right, Katherine is Hamish's wife. Katherine is the Director of Convex Legal which has grown from just her in 2017, to an amazing legal team of 8! 

We chat about who we are as leaders, how we take take ourselves to work, and how it is important to make time for what matters to you. We hope that you come away from this episode feeling inspired by her and her wise words. 

If want to hear more about Katherine and Convex Legal, you can find her on LinkedIn or check out the Convex Legal Website.

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