Episode 12: Odd Socks Candles on Starting Out

6 September 2021

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Episode 12: Odd Socks Candles

On today's episode we are joined by local small business owner Holly Collins of Odd Socks Candles! 

Holly chats with us about starting her business and how it has grown over the years. From fairs and markets, to social media and websites, to wholesale and retail, Odd Socks has grown from a hobby to a loved and respected brand that is known across Aotearoa. Holly is looking to take that next step in her business which is very exciting to see! We talk about the effect that Covid and lockdown has had on her business (this episode was recorded before lockdown 2.0) and how the business has effected her personally. We really enjoyed talking with Holly and think everyone should check out Odd Socks Candles! 

For more about Holly and Odd Socks Candles, check out their websiteInstagram, and Facebook.

*Editor's note: sorry about Hamish's audio during the interview, his mic cut out :( 


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