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In our experience, all businesses (especially in the trades) are held back by the same things. Cashflow. Staff. Having enough hours in the day.

At the same time, businesses who get ahead are propelled forward by the same things. Process. Planning. Staff (yes, there’s good and bad).

In this workshop series, focused specifically on the trades, we’re sharing the secrets of successful trades businesses and what’s moved them past the usual daily grind of most businesses.

You’ll get a specific, actionable plan for you to use in your business. We’re not big on talk-fests so you’ll leave with clear steps you can take to move your business forward.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with peace of mind knowing you’re on the right track. That should lead to either the time, control, or money that you went into business to get.


We don’t know one end of a hammer from another – you know that. But, we do know business. Here’s three quick reasons why we’re the right people to come and learn from:

  1. We come from a background of family trades businesses – all our family were and are self employed in the trades. We just ended up with slightly different genes so we can only push paper instead of doing anything useful.
  2. We built our own business – we’ve grown from having no customers to owning our premises so know what you face in business.
  3. We have been recognised as providing the leading business advice services in NZ by Xero at the 2019 Xero Awards.
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How Business Works

We’ll teach you the basics you missed out on in business school. Why people go bust in boom times, the six pillars of business, and how it comes together to drive your profit.

Your Business

With specific direction, instead of jumping on the next job (or sorting the next problem…) your business can give you more time, control or money. We’ll help you create a business model which generates the profit it should.


Knowing what moves businesses forward (Module 1) and with a clear plan for your business (Module 2), we’ll help you identify the clear next steps for your business to increase profit, reduce your hours, and give you more control in your day.


We back ourselves to deliver value to you. We know what we’re talking about and genuinely believe you’ll get value from the workshops.

Without wanting to sound like an infomercial, if you attend the first workshop and it isn’t for you then we’ll refund 100% of what you’ve paid us. No questions asked.

Business Growth Fundamental | Financial Adviser Wellington
How business works
Business Fundamentals | Business Advisers In Wellington
What’s moved others forward
Business Fundamental | Business Mentors In Wellington
Where your business is heading
Business Fundamentals | Business Coaching In Wellington
Your plan, in light of the lessons from others
Business Fundamentals | Business Advisers In Wellington
A specific and actionable plan to move you forward


Small groups: We don’t pack the rooms so you’ll get quality interaction and not sit in a university style lecture (limited to 10 businesses per workshop).

Times that work: We know that taking time out to work on your business can be hard. We’ve designed these sessions to fit with your work day, and will fill each workshop with content, not fluff.

A real framework: We don’t do talk fests. We’ll give you actionable takeaways which you can use in your business. We’ll also cover the bits on running a business that they don’t teach in any apprenticeship.

Burning questions: We’ll give you a forum to ask your burning questions (like how much other people mark up their purchases) without people dodging the questions.


What will I leave with?
You’ll receive a workbook covering each of the sessions, which ties in with the content we’ll be covering. You’ll also receive our best-practice templates and tools to help you run your business in the future.

Can I bring my partner?
Yes, absolutely. In our experience, if a tradie and their spouse are on the same page then things move ahead quicker.

Can I bring a friend?
We know, coming to these sorts of things can be awkward. If you’d like to bring another person with you, then we’ll offer you both a 20% discount – just let us know when booking.

That said, it’s fine to come on your own – most people will be.

What if I miss a session?
If you miss a session, don’t panic. You’re welcome to attend the same module in a future series (we run these workshops often). You’ll also have a lot of the content in the workbook we provide you with.


$650.00 + GST – this is a total price for all three modules (and is tax deductible)

4/82 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Module One – Wednesday, 13 November 2019: 4pm-6pm

Module Two – Wednesday,  20 November 2019: 4pm-6pm

Module Three – Wednesday, 27 November 2019: 4pm-6pm

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Got questions? Get in touch with the presenter, Hamish Mexted at, who will be more than happy to                        touch base with you.


All of my family are self-employed. I grew up watching them talk about cashflow, staffing, sales and profitability. I founded Convex Accounting in 2011 to help people like my family, and to at the same time challenge the stereotype of the dull, cardigan-wearing accountant.

Here’s the thing. For many people, including my family at times, accounting is a retrospective join-the-dots exercise. It shouldn’t be though. Those dots should be used to make future decisions, based on real-time information. This is what helps build the value of a business, and build family wealth outside the business.

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