It's permission to spend. Not control and accountability.

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I think we've been doing business budgeting all wrong. It's been about control, accountability to a plan, and as a result guilt about spending.

We know though that we need to spend money to make money. So, spending is good. It's just got to contribute to where your business is going.

So, we've changed it. 

Budgeting is creating permission to spend, not accountability to a plan

You'll nail your strategy if your budget is focusing on pushing you there. So, swap out that dull conversation about your stationery bill being too high or you having spent too much on coffees, for something more future focused.

To help, we've put together (what we think is) a handy little template to get you going.

You'll get some instructions on how to prepare the budget, a blank template, and an example of how we do our internal budgeting for Convex.

Happy budgeting. 

Get your template now:

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