We’re not your average accounting firm.

You may think all accountants are the same, and the one you already know is better than the one you don’t. Rest assured, we’re different.
It started for our family’s businesses – we set out to create the accounting firm that they couldn’t find. Proactive guidance to drive more of the time, control or money that you went into business to get.


We know that you get more from your accountant when you’re talking about more than accounting and tax. We’ve got an in-depth understanding of your financial situation – it’s our responsibility to use that to help you build both your business and wealth.


Convex Accounting was founded as a start up literally from the boot of a car. The journey has taken us through hiring, firing, landlords, doing things wrong, improving performance, cashflow crunches, and failed experiments. We know what you’re going through.


We’ve all either run our own small businesses now or in the past, have rental properties or have grown up around the dinner table with parents who are self-employed. This means we know the pressures you face – staff, cashflow, pricing, all while keeping an eye on the next opportunity around the corner.

Our Fantastic Team

Let’s be honest – you can work out most accounting and tax from Google. Our advantage is our people. They’re people people who can take your situation to craft a plan to move you forward.

Hamish Mexted


All of my family are self-employed. I grew up watching them talk about cashflow, staffing, sales and profitability. I founded Convex Accounting in 2011 to help people like my family, and to at the same time challenge the stereotype of the dull, cardigan-wearing accountant.

Riann Umaga-Marshall


I joined Convex Accounting back in early 2015 when operating out of an office on the Terrace. After time away from public practice I was ready to jump into a progressive company unafraid of change and prepared to move in the new and evolving accounting space.

Eugenie Jones


Convex Accounting’s tight-knit family environment is what drew Eugenie in to working with us.

Siaosi Mafi


After working in the Health Sector for almost 10 years, I joined Convex Accounting in 2018 to develop and further progress  my career in Accounting. I like working with people and everyday I am driven to do the best that I can to meet our clients’ needs.

Jo Priest

Marketing Manager

I joined Convex Accounting early in 2019. I was drawn by the variety of the work and the friendly team. I have a background in TV and Film editing and I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Visual Communication Design.

What our clients say

We've been using Convex for the past seven years. The Annual Financials and day-to-day happen smoothly in the background, and give us exceptional value from the additional metrics and insight into our planning. We'd happily recommend Convex to any business.- Hamish Wakefield, HWA Architecture
I love working with Convex Accounting—it's refreshing to have an accounting firm that sees more than just the compliance stuff—in today's environment information and insight is of equal importance. Since working with Convex we've been able to make better business decisions knowing we're on the right path.- John Roche, Alpha Technology
The team at Convex Accounting are super knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with. We deal with many Accountants in our business and find Convex exceptional to deal with. They are really interested in you and your business and you are not just a number.- Sue Inkersell, 3rd Arm Administration
I coach accountants from all over NZ and have done for the past 17 years; few have the insight, drive and professional curiosity to maintain their relevancy in a world dominated by rapid change and market disruption. Convex Accounting have these qualities in abundance which is why they're so good at what they do.- Mike Barnes, Business Coach
I was introduced to Convex Accounting in an 'hour of need', requiring some very rapid accounting work done. The response was incredible, the work impeccable and I finally feel like I have an accounting 'partner' rather than a service provider compelling me to pay them money for paperwork.- Asa Cox, Intela AI
The team at Convex Accounting are just outstanding. Not only are they going to make sure your tax is correct, their business expertise make them one of my trusted advisers on more than just tax.- Andy Barker, Cloud Edge

Why you should work with us

We’re clear about why we go to work every morning. Our mission is challenging each other to create new opportunities, which enables business to drive real societal change (and make a dollar along the way).


We know you get the best advice when you’ve got a team around you. We’re driven to surround you with the best accountants, brokers and bankers, meaning nothing falls through the gaps.


Our own experiences help up to relate to you and what your dealing with. Couple this with clever  technology and you get a team who can respond faster and deliver more.


We’re only as good as our people – continual training means they deliver consistently. They’re upfront with pricing, the advice they deliver and how they support their clients.

Our History

iif Chartered Accountants landed

September 2011: From the boot of a car driving around Wellington, we were launched by Hamish Mexted as iif Chartered Accountants. Focused on ideas, innovation and figures, Hamish was slowly picking up customers one-by-one.

Xero Partners

October 2011 – Early on we realised that Xero was the future. They’ve played a special part in our journey – without them we wouldn’t have been able to scale as we have, nor provide the real time advice our customers need. Thank you Xero.

iif nearly departs

March 2012: Six months in we’d had total sales of $35,115. Turns out getting a start up off the ground was a little more difficult than anticipated. Things have changed more than a little since then.

Building a Team

November 2012: Eventually the customers came and the first employee joined the team, working from Hamish’s house. Sorry Lisa-Jean, things were a bit mickey-mouse back then.

Office Space

December 2012: We signed our first lease…albeit with lime green walls, no air conditioning and an embarrassing meeting room with no soundproofing or windows.

Xero Awards

June 2015 – We were named finalists in the Accounting Partner of the Year category. While we didn’t win, we thought coming second out of all accountants in the country was pretty good.

Gold Awards

June 2016 – Named finalists in the Wellington Gold Awards. While we didn’t take it out, the night was an acknowledgement of our team and a thank you to the customers who have helped us achieve.

Studio Legal Launched

March 2017: Studio Legal who we work collaboratively with was launched. Our common clients (and family relationship) means they play a special role in our business.

Second Office

May 2017 – We opened our second office in Mana.

Moving Office

July 2018 – We moved to our new home, were we’re not embarassed of the meeting room. It’s a home we’re proud to share with Studio Legal.

Welcome Riann

July 2018 – We were thrilled to welcome Riann Umaga-Marshall as a Director of the business. Riann is the core of the business and what she brings to the business simply can’t be explained in a paragraph or two.


August 2018 – We rebranded from iif to Convex Accounting. We’ll always have ideas, innovation and figures at our heart, but to be honest iif was just a little bit of a mouthful. We’re also proud to share the Convex name with Convex Legal, previously Studio Legal.

Are you ready to get to know us a little better?